Cats Toys

Cats are playful and hunting animals that need to be stimulated and let off steam. Theworldofdogsandcats offers you toys to preserve their physical and intellectual condition, stimulate their senses and strengthen your bond.

Cats Health Supplies

Animals play a big role in our lives. They are a source of comfort and happiness and this explains our desire to keep them with us for a long time. That's good, because it seems that cats have nine lives....

Imetec Bellissima Revolution BHS3 100 – Notre avis

Des boucles parfaites en un clic ? Ce n’est plus un rêve impossible, ou du moins, c’est ce que Imetec Bellissima Revolution BHS3 100 promet de réaliser pour vous, un styler rotatif innovant conçu pour garantir des boucles parfaites et bien...

Cats Food

For your cat or kitten, we have selected the best cat food and food to cover all their needs.

Cats Feeding & Watering Supplies

The cat feeder is an essential accessory for the proper care of your pet. When choosing the most suitable one, you should evaluate what material it is made of, the shape, size and layout so that while your partner is...

RGV Ausonia 190 – Notre avis

La RGV Ausonia 190 est une trancheuse semi-professionnelle produite par RGV , une entreprise bien connue dans la région de Côme qui se distingue sur ce marché depuis le milieu des années 80 pour la qualité de ses produits. Ce modèle est conçu...

Cats Carriers & Strollers

Is your cat injured, recovering or disabled? He has trouble walking and you are looking for the best way to transport him without hurting him? Discover our selection of pushchairs and trolleys for cats so that they can be on...


Here you'll find the best selling cat cameras on Amazon, perfect for tracking your feline's movements and making sure they're safe.

Cats Beds & Furniture

If you want to make your pet happy, then our photo gallery shows a whole range of charming cat beds and supplies.

The best dog and cat gadgets you can buy in 2022

Luckily, technology is also making life more comfortable for our furry housemates. Therefore, below we present to you the best gadgets for pets that you can currently find on the market.
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